Wearing of the grind

The structure wears out over time, and the skis will require a fresh grind. Most grinds wear at different rates.

The structure under the skis will slowly and surely wear out, regardless if you never ski over any sand. Therefore, it’s important to grind your skis from time to time. There is no set answer of howoften you need to grind the skis but there’s are certain indications.  

The wearing is happening all the time during use but also during prepping like gliding and scraping. The more they are used the faster they wear out. The wearing can make the structure dulland less sharp at the edges. (Sometimes this is the desired result). 

When skiing on the colder days we want a grind that is a bit less sharp structure and rounder at the edges. Therefore,cold skis often get faster and improve with use. For athletes with a big fleet of skis, it can often be beneficial to use the cold skis now and then,preferably when the conditions are good and less danger of damaging the base. 

We usually prefer a warm structure to be as sharp as possible. A sharp structure will naturally also wear faster, and it can often be beneficial to grind thewarm skis more often.  You can also achieve a sharper structure throughmanual rilling, but a good rill is not enough if the grind below is worn down. 

It basically comes down to how often the skis are used. If skis are used often, exposed to the heat of an iron and rilled, it is recommended to grind these skis more often than less used skis.