How we select skis

Everything starts with the properties of the ski.

We are all looking for a great day of skiing. Regardless of our ambitions and level, it will be the skis that will determine this. 

A pair of really good skis will be selected by experienced people that have a wide selection to choose from. It’s about finding the right ski with the right properties with the right grind for the right person. 

But it’s not that easy. 

At Skiplukkern you are buying skis to order. When you place an order, we go to a factory or an importer warehouse and find a pair we believe will fit you best.  When we are picking, we are always searching through lots of pairs, often several trips, before we select each pair to an athlete. This makes us consistent in picking and ensures that the quality of the skis we are picking, again and again. 

Are you not sure about what skis you really need? We are happy to help you. If you already have skis we can help evaluate further needs through the process of categorizing of your fleet. 

What kind of skis are we picking?

The most important for us is that you are getting skis with the best possible properties. Our opinion is that we can find this within the top tier of the different brands, if it’s classic, skate or double poling. That is why we only sell top racing skis, for you to get the ski experience you deserve. 

We are happy to help define the needs of skis for younger skiers of the junior age.
We are also working with sponsored athletes and have special deals with them.

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