Categorization of Skis

Get the most out of your fleet of skis.

Do you have a pair of skis that always run better than other pairs? Or do you have a pair that never runs well regardless of what you are trying? Most of our customers have an idea about how their skis are functioning and performing, but many don’t know if they are good or bad.

How a pair of skis perform depends on three elements:
1. Ski properties
2. Snow conditions
3. Ski base structure

It’s very important that these three elements are aligned. For example, if you have a warm grind on a pair with cold properties, you will usually end up with a sub-par ski. Unfortunately, there are many athletes who have skis where ski properties don’t match the grinds. Those skis will appear to be poor. Luckily, often it doesn’t take much more than setting a proper grind that fits the skis’ characteristic or using the skis in other conditions, and the skis will feel significantly better.

Most of the ski manufacturers have models with different constructions that fit different conditions. Therefore, many skiers limit usage of their skis to manufacturer's outlines. We often see that actual properties of skis don’t necessarily correlate with the area of use which is outlined by the ski company. A pair that is meant for cold conditions can be a pair with warm properties, and vice-versa. Therefore, it’s important to evaluate skis for their actual properties and not solely based on manufacturer's outline and specification.

Ski production is a complex process. Similar ski models can have large variations in terms of stiffness, contact points and base characteristics. That’s why many athletes experience big variations with skis that are supposed to be equal. Our ski assessment will help you get answers for these questions.

We have the knowledge and measuring tools to help you understand each pair of skis, so you can get the most out of your fleet of skis. We offer ski categorization and assessment to get a full overview of your skis and in which conditions they would function best. We can identify wrong combinations of skis, grinds and snow conditions. We find skis with errors in the construction and skis that just don’t fit the athlete. We can also advise on new pairs that will bring your fleet to a different level.

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