The "Plukkern Point"

The "Plukkern Point" highlights the effective kick zone of the ski.

A ski with wax zone measurements. 1, 2, 3, 4 are traditional measurements and 0 and PP are the zero point and Plukkern Point.

For determining the wax pockets on classic skis, the methodology has more or less been unaltered for the past 30 years. We use the same technology today as we did in the 90's. Since then, the construction of the skis have changed a lot, and the behaviour of the skis is very different today. The same applies to technique. While skiers in the 90s used long, streached out strokes, it is much more common with a shorter, more frequent strokes and a more forwards stance.

The traditional way of measuring skis is to measure out 1, 2, 3, maybe four strokes in front of the binding, and 1, meybe 2 strokes behind. These measure the edges of the wax pocket. Additionally, you may get "zero points", measuring out the ski's suspension ability. The pocket between the zero points can therefore be denoted as a "full weight pocket".

Of experience, we find that many skis are prepped sub-par. Some apply too much wax, others apply wax at the wrong place. To combat this, we use different markings to help you wax your skis optimally.

A common philosophy for waxing skis is to apply one layer in the "effective kick zone". This is where the most pressure is needed in order to get contact between the wax and the snow. This is also where the skis are still suspended, even at relatively high pressures. The effective kick zone is very dependent on the construction of the skis and varies a lot, both in size and location. To highlight the effective kick zone, we mark the skis with PP – the "Plukkern Point". The area between these points is the effective kick zone.

If you do fine adjustments of the wax in the PP-pocket, you can get better grip, often without reducing the glide. Especially for skis with warmer grinds like SP40, SP50 and SP60, this can make a big impact on the skis' performance.

We started marking PP on skis before the 21-22 season. Due to good reception both from clients and during testing, this is now standard at Skiplukkern.